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Powering Awareness through Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networking

Powering Awareness

We have become a digital universe.

It’s estimated to currently hold 4000 Exabyte’s of data
90% of the world’s land surface has one or more mobile devices
15 Billion devices connected, sharing and storing data in 2015
40 Billion devices connected, sharing and storing data in 2020
World population in 2016 is 7.4 Billion people

YouTube. Social Media Live Streaming. Drones. Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Large UAS. Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). All of these sources are game changers in the world of capturing a new source of business intelligence.

Que-A is the game changer in powering awareness of your video data by applying our advanced computer vision algorithms to detect and classify objects with a high level of accuracy (97.5%) and computational efficiency meaning objects can be tracked, detected (“seen”), and classified (“comprehended”) from video feeds supplied by a multitide of sensor platforms.

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