Que the Analyst

Que the Analyst

Que-A, clueing the Analyst. No more blindly sifting through colossal amounts data.

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.” ~Sun Tzu

Que-A allows Intelligence Community analysts to quickly find events of interest from unstructured data, such as video that comes from a sensor they do not control.

Que-A: Finding needles in a field of haystacks

Making data discoverable, searchable, and retrievable by standardizing an automated metadata tagging system with the ability to span across all services within the DoD and Intel Communities; potentially changing the future architecture of Common Ground Systems and Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination.

  • As the number and types of ISR platforms and sensors (traditional, non-traditional, joint, multi-national) along with sensor resolution continues to increase, the volume of data collection continues to grow. All of which must be pushed to and thru the DoD for processing, exploitation, correlation, fusion, and analysis in a networked joint and multi-national environment at a faster operational tempo. This is currently and will continue to place a significant strain to the existing and future programmed data center infrastructure. As the unstructured data collection continues to increase exponentially, the ability to extract actionable intelligence in a timely manner is not feasible in the current environment.

We are no longer starved for data. We have all the possible data we could ever ask for. We have collection assets with the capability to provide us with more data than we that we are able to process, exploit and disseminate due to the sheer amount of data.

The problem is how do you process so much data with so little time and so little resources?

Que-A: Video Analysis Issue

Data is only useful if we can pull some form of intelligence data from the source. Over the past decade, there have been so many advancements in tools used to gather data. Gathering data for our analyst is no longer an issue. And the traditional tools being developed to process all of the ingested data, often, actually adds work to the analyst because they were not designed to adequately support these experts work in the first place. Most, in fact, just create even more data to sift through.

Intelligence analyst face a challenge on every mission where they are tasked to provide invaluable actionable intelligence and asked to do it in a high stakes domain that poses a multitude of challenges to individual collaborative cognition. The reality of today is, our analyst are typically tasked to sift through 100’s of 1000’s of pieces of data looking for significant information. Which might not be an issue if you are looking for one piece of data. But what if your tasking is to “cross-clue” what happened last week, last month, last year and even 10 years ago? And what if that all needed to be done in a short amount of time?

So, although Que-A can’t speed up time, it can give the analyst time back. We have been able to successfully create a tool that allows the analyst to stop sifting through gobs of data and finally pull out the nugget of information they need in order to assemble data in an intelligent and advisory capacity in order to present a coherent reflection of reality for any decision maker.

With Que-A, the day’s of the “ready, fire, aim,” methodology are over. Que-A has come along to empower you to create tailored situational awareness and foundational intelligence that shortens the window from data ingest to actionable intelligence reporting.

End Result = The Information you need to create the best Intelligence Product.